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Managing Hip Hop Artists is a whole different game!

Learn how to do it right!

This Game of Hip Hop Artist Management

by Walt F.J. Goodridge

Managing Hip Hop artists is NOT the same as managing artists in any other genre. It's unique. There are cultural differences, industry differences and global differences you need to be aware of if you are to be successful. I know, because I've done it! Learn the business basics, as well as the unique success attitude and strategies you need in order to master the game!

"I signed my first two artists this month, all off the strength of the knowledge I got from your book. You're so inspirational!"-- L. Scott (customer)

Manage your artists all the way to success!

As an artist manager, your job is to guide your artist's career, secure him/her a record deal or some route to financial independence through their creativity. You don't need to be an "expert" in the music industry to succeed. You just need to be an expert in "getting things done!" There's an attitude that managers must develop and maintain for everyone to succeed! Discover it here!

The Success Attitude

Managing Hip Hop artists is NOT the same as managing artists in any other genre. It's unique. There are cultural differences, industry differences and global differences you need to be aware of if you are to be successful. Learn the business basics, as well as the unique attitude and strategies you need to master in order to be successful

Here's what Hip Hop Pioneer Chuck D said about OUR book in HIS book:

"Walt F.J. Goodridge, in his books Change The Game, and This Game of Artist Management names all the areas that need to be covered in the music business. He not only names all 25 areas, but he also tells you what keeps you in business if you're in one of those areas. If you don't build anything, then you have nothing. If you don't build anything, you always have to be a part of somebody else's s-t. To be a part of white people's structures is whack especially when it comes to Rap, because they're not fully down with it!" -Chuck D. Public Enemy, RapStation.com [excerpt from Fight The Power ]

What is This Game of Hip Hop Artist Management all about??

Some of the best talent never gets signed, wouldn't you agree? Aren't you tired of waiting for someone else to recognize your gift? Doesn't it make sense to do it yourself and keep ALL the money rather than split it with someone else?

This Game of Hip Hop Artist Management was created by the former president and VP of promotions of an independent label to HELP you SUCCEED! It's written in a clear and simple way with advice, tips and techniques to show you step by step what you need to do to maximize your own or your artists music industry career.

Still the only book of its kind anywhere!

This Game of Hip Hop Artist Management is a unique step-by-step guide. It features a detailed overview of the industry, interviews with managers and artists, and even features an entire chapter by Hip Hop pioneer Chuck D. of Public Enemy and now with www.rapstation.com You'll also get sample contracts and other resources to help you maximize your efforts!

You get

• An updated chapter on choosing the right business structure (with LLC)

• How to launch your management company the least expense!

• Sample management contracts with explanations of each section

• New tax forms and tips for the new business structures

• Expanded contact information including website URLs and email addresses

• An updated Management Game Plan and Task Checklist

Plus Answers to These Questions:

• How do I start a management company in ANY US state, Canada and other countries?

• Should I be a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation or LLC?

• What paperwork do I need?

• Can you show me a sample contract for me to use to sign my artist?

• What are my duties?

• What's the difference between a business manager, road manager and artist manager?

• What should I be doing in the day to day management of my artists?

• Can you give me contact info for real people I can call to help me?

• Can I REALLY compete with the bigger players?

• Can I really make money doing this?

You'll Learn How to

• Monitor your OPERATIONS

• Find, sign and develop talented ARTISTS

• Get them gigs and media exposure

• Work towards Getting A Record Deal

• PAY the players

• Make a PROFIT

• GROW your business

Table of Contents


An Introdution For The New Millennium • A Message From The President • Who This Manual Is Written For • The Success Attitude


Management Defined • Why Managing Rap Artists Is Unique In The Music Industry • The Artist's Management Options • What A Manager Does • The Manager's Primary Responsibilities • Assembling Your Team • Some Tips On Finding The Right Label • Becoming A Manager • Why An Artist Needs A Manager • Other Key Players In The Artist's Success • Personal Manager vs Business Manager (What's The Difference?) • Road Manager • Booking Agent • What A Manager Is • What A Manager Is Not • Summary of Management Responsibilities And Fees • Where to Look for Your Artist • What to Offer Your Artist • What to Ask from Your Artist • Your Artist's Concerns


Starting A Business • Types of Business Structures • Sole Proprietorship • Partnership • Corporation • S-Corporation • Limited Liability Company • Steps To Forming A Corporation • Your EIN • Your Resale Certificate • A Smooth Operation • What You'll Need • Business Operating Expenses • Typical Management Expenses • The Artist As Company


CONTRACTS: Personal Management Contract--Sample • Personal Management Contract--Sample 2 (w/translation) • A Word On The Contracts You've Just Seen • A Brief Word On Managing Minors • Getting Information And Solving Challenges • Acquiring Information • Interpreting Information • Using The Information • The Media Kit • The Photograph • The Artist Bio (w/sample) • Reviews (w/sample) • Press Release (w/sample) • The Cover Letter (w/sample) • The Folder • Video • Demo • Preparing Your Artist • A Word About Publicity, Advertising and Marketing • Game of Hip Hop Artist Management Checklist and Timetable


Advice From A Manager • Interview: GETTING A RECORD DEAL--Account One • "A Week In The Life....."--An Actual Week In The Life of A Manager • FREE Advice from a Lawyer • "THE RECORD DEAL" --Label Recording Agreement (w/translation) • Publishing • Advice From A Record Label • Interview: MAJIC (Giant Records) • Road Management • Advice from a Road Manager: BROTHER JAMES (Malik Entertainment) • Advice from A Manager • Interview: HOW TO GET A RECORD DEAL--Account Two


Money Management • Investment Options • Risk • CD's • Stocks • Mutual Funds Helpful Hints For Hiding Your Money From Yourself • Other Options • Your First Steps


Doing Your Taxes is Easier Than You Think • Some Terminology • COMPLETED TAX FORMS • Background Information on Kenya Garvey's Management Company Scenario One--LOSS (Sole Proprietorship) • Scenario Two --PROFIT (Sole Proprietorship) • The Audit


Form SS-4 -- APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYEE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER • Form 2553 -- ELECTION BY A SMALL BUSINESS CORPORATION • Form SR--Copyright Form • Work Registration --BMI Form • BMI Form Explanation


The Major Distributors • The Major Labels • Hip Hop Friendly Independent Labels With Major Distribution • A Word About Distribution Deals • Copyright, Publishing, Fees, Licenses and Related Royalties--A Primer


An Interview With Chuck D • "25 WAYS TO GET A RECORD DEAL"



What customers are saying

"I have three artists already depending on me..."

"I have three artists already depending on me to make this happen, who are very talented. I also am an artist. I plan to leave the military in the spring. Right now I have just been collecting information and saving money."


Location Unknown

"....hope and inspiration in really following my dreams."

"Also, I would like to say ," Thank you Walt!" Your book has given me so much hope and inspiration in really following my dreams. You are amazing. "


Location Unknown

"....Fantastic products you have...."

Thank you very much. Fantastic Products you have, some of the best I have read. Peace! --J. Joyce, FL


Florida, USA


Not everyone can get signed by the major labels. But now YOU can get your music out and heard even if you're a one-person operation on a limited budget. If you're already in business as a label, manager, producer or promoter, you can use this unique manual to get even more exposure for your artist or music!

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This game of hip hop artist management is not just a title. It's a command, a reminder as well as an affirmation that you'll see and hear each time you glance at your shelf!

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